Can Cats Eat Watermelon?

can a cat eat watermelon.

Humans love watermelon and, for many years, have eaten it for a treat in the summer. Plus, it has been used to refresh the palate and all kinds of drinks since it has a lovely slush like kind of texture. Most notably, this massive fruit can be shared abundantly with family and friends. Cats are family members, so is it ok for them to eat it as well?

Watermelon is not just yummy. It has lots of health benefits for humans. Nevertheless, for cats, it may be different. They are carnivorous, so their digestive systems are not the same as people or even dogs. Because we are omnivores, we can digest plant material easily. When it comes to cats, it is case by case dependent on the induvial animal. A few “human” foods could be non-poisonous or even advantageous to a cat’s diet, while some could make their stomach upset or something worse.

Are cats able to eat watermelon?

can cat eat watermelon

Many cats actually love watermelon. It’s not particularly toxic to them, but with its high sugar content, its also not the healthiest food for cats.

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Health Advantages of Watermelon for Humans

One of the top benefits of humans consuming this red-fleshed fruit is it helps you stay hydrated. Since watermelon consists of ninety-two percent water, it also assists in making you feel fuller for longer.

Another benefit of it having a high water content is it has fewer calories. Even fruits with low-sugar such as blueberries, which have around eighty-five calories in a cup, cannot compare with watermelon having forty-six calories in a cup.

Though, if you believe watermelon is just water, you’d be wrong. Watermelon has loads of vitamins and minerals, such as carotenoids and vitamin C. Lycopene. The compound gives watermelon and tomatoes a bright red hue with numerous amazing uses in the body, lowering the blood pressure, plus it’s linked to assisting in fighting cardiovascular disease.

So, can cats eat watermelon?

Cats can eat it, and lots of them love it. In the summer, they love it for its texture, and it additionally assists in keeping them hydrated.

Though, fruit isn’t something cats normally eat in nature. If they eat a lot of sugar, even the natural kind in fruits, it may bring on digestive or diabetic problems over time. It’s recommended not to give cats many watermelons, particularly as a replacement for a meal.

Should you decide to give your cat watermelon, be totally sure there are no seeds so they won’t choke.

How Much Watermelon Is Too Much?

Although watermelon is mainly water, it additionally has some sugar in it. Generally, if you give your cat fruit regularly, it may cause diabetes or obesity. Raising the blood glucose levels frequently in a cat might cause health problems long range.

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine says signs of feline diabetes consist of:

  • Extreme thirst
  • Constant urinating
  • No appetite
  • Cannot jump
  • Retching

Call your veterinarian immediately if you see those signs since it could start them getting diabetes.

If you are concerned about how much sugar your cat eats besides fruit, start reading labels. A few cat treats could quickly add up to lots of sugar which is not healthy and could lead to problems.

Can cats eat fruit?

Although cats sometimes like watermelon, there’s a lot of fruit most cats don’t like. Fruit is ok for your cat, but the majority will stay away from it. They generally won’t attempt to eat fruit since they prefer meat.

Fruit is loaded with sugar. Even natural sugar can lead to health issues for your cat.

These fruits are particularly bad for cats and should be avoided:

Citrus fruits: all types of citrus fruits have citric acid, which may trigger a central nervous system problem if they eat enough of it. It starts nausea in a small dose, says the ASPCA.

Grapes, currants, and raisins are poisonous for cats.

Coconut oil or coconut (this is a seed) will also upset their tummy.

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Cat Treats – Fruit Alternatives

If you are searching for something besides watermelon, think about feeding veggies instead, but some cats won’t eat veggies even though they have many nutrients in them if you feed as part of their balanced diets.

The ASPCA says these vegetables are ok for cats:

  • Zucchini
  • Celery (cats love its crunch!)
  • Carrots
  • Green bell peppers
  • Spinach (lots of vitamins A, C, and K!)


A little bit of watermelon is probably fine for your cats. But it’s not their ideal food of course. Remove the seeds and keep the quantities small. Use it as an occasional treat, but don’t make it a regular occurence.

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