Can Cats Eat Popcorn?

can my cats eat popcorn.

When people binge watch Netflix, many consider popcorn an ideal accompaniment. It is airy and crunchy and low in calories, and it is also healthy and fills you up. It is an excellent in-between meal snack.

While enjoying it, you may drop a few kernels, and if your kitty decides to snap them up, you might be concerned it could make them sick.

Cats can process a few “people foods” differently, indicating they sometimes get side effects from regular, every day eaten foods. So, numerous people foods are non-poisonous and are even advantageous to your cat’s daily diet.

Here is what you should know regarding if your cat can consume popcorn:

Healthy Advantages of Popcorn

For people, this crispy healthy snack contains a lot of wholesome goodness. Nutritionists say popcorn is made of whole grain. Therefore it’s very beneficial as a human snack. It is a great fiber source; and has many vitamins like B1, B3, B6, and minerals such as zinc, potassium, and magnesium.

Popcorn includes polyphenol antioxidants, which are linked to assisting circulation, digestive problems, and lowering the probability of prostate or breast cancer. Though polyphenol is seen in many veggies and fruits, this composite is watered down due to the water produce has. Because popcorn has four percent, you get a higher amount of the benefits of fighting cancer.

Can cats eat popcorn?

The quick answer is both yes and no. Popcorn isn’t toxic for a cat, although it could present a danger of choking or additional health-related problems if you season it.

Popcorn isn’t on a list of toxic foods, according to the ASPCA. However, if it contains salt and butter, it could cause several future health problems. A cat is an obligate carnivore, so unlike omnivores such as dogs and people, cats’ digestive systems don’t process grains in the same way they do.

Another drawback with popcorn is those prepacked, microwavable types many folks buy. They may be very convenient as a snack. However, many microwavable bags contain perfluorooctanoic acid, and that’s been connected with ADHD and thyroid troubles in people.

Microwavable popcorn additionally typically has a lot of artificial butter. That includes diacetyl, a chemical shown to trigger lung disease in many animals.

Will an infrequent fallen kernel cause issues? Not likely.

Can cats eat unpopped popcorn kernels?

As long as you pop it totally, popcorn comes out in fluffy little pieces. But unpopped kernels may happen, and they’re too hard for a cat to chew. If they eat a lot, it could be hard for the cat to digest it easily. As you know, if you have consumed any amount of popcorn, there are times when kernels don’t get cooked all the way, and they appear in our bags, bowls, or boxes. We have all coughed or gagged a bit when we tried to eat a husk of popcorn and have had trouble getting it out when it got stuck in between our teeth. These pose issues for your cat too.

Remember, before presenting your cat with some popcorn flakes, look closely for any possible obstacle or leftover kernel. If your cat finds an unwatched bit of popcorn somewhere, watch closely to notice if your cat suffers any particular irritation. If you brush your cat’s teeth yourself, keep finger brushes at the ready, and be sure there is a nearby water dish if your cat has an issue with swallowing.

Can kittens eat popcorn?

With kittens eating popcorn, the concerns are the same. You really want your kitten to be eating the healthy food to help it grow strong and popcorn just doesn’t offer much upside.

can kittens eat popcorn.

Can cats eat corn?

A lot like popcorn, don’t let your cat eat corn if there is lots of butter and salt in it.

Still, cats enjoy a variety of textures. PetMD says whole grains such as corn are OK to provide in tiny amounts as cornmeal, oats, barley, wholewheat breadcrumbs, and polenta. If cooked well, these foods are healthy and easy for your cat to eat and digest.

So, your cat still needs to primarily eat cat food that is made from a balanced formula containing mostly animal flesh.

Trying out various healthy snacks for cats may be an enjoyable bonding experience for you and your cat. Though popcorn, corn, and other veggies ought to never replace their cat food meals. Cats are carnivores and need to get nutrients via correctly prepared cat foods.

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