Can Cats Eat Marshmallows?

are marshmallows safe for cats?

You might have thought of this question when treating yourself to marshmallows, while your cat is around. If humans can eat marshmallows, can cats eat marshmallows as well?

NO. Marshmallows are not safe for cats. Marshmallows do not have any health benefits and a choking hazard to cats. It can cause severe consequences.

Here are some critical information you need to know about cats and marshmallows below.

Why Cats Can Not Eat Marshmallows

First, marshmallows do not have any nutritional value to cats, or to any species for that matter including humans.

Cats are obligate carnivores whose diet is mainly lean protein and not sugary treats. Marshmallows have high levels of sugar, which can quickly make your cat obese. A responsible pet owner would not let their cats eat sugary foods.

Marshmallows also contain sodium, which should not be added to a cat’s diet.

And if you still didn’t have enough reasons to not give your cat marshmellows; they can also cause choking due to their shape and size. Marshmallows can stick in the throat of your cat. This is also a significant reason why marshmallows are not advised for young children below the age of three.

What to Do if your Cats Eat Marshmallows

The first thing is to make sure the cat is not choking. If the cat is choking, call your vet immediately and follow the given advice.

However, they are not poisonous. So do not freak out when your cat manages to sneak a bite. But, take the marshmallow away and make sure it does not happen again. There are many far better things for your cat to eat that don’t have so much sugar.

Can Cats Taste Sugary Food?

It is normal to consider your cat as a family member. However, it would help if you understood that your cat behaves differently than a human. Cats are very different from human beings in terms of psychology and biology. The difference is evident when it comes to diet. Cats do not have a sweet tooth and typically can’t enjoy the sugary treats anyways.

Your cat may be interested in sharing when you are enjoying your food. It could be a quick snack or a meal. Bold cats may even go ahead and steal a bite from your plate or try to get into human food when no one is watching. What they are after is different from what you may think. For cats, it’s more about the chase than the prize sometimes.

It means that even if you are tempted to give them a small bite, you should give it a pass or find something that is healthy to give your cat.

Cats do not have sweet taste sensation, which basically makes it pointless to give them sugary foods or foods rich in carbohydrates. They would prefer a piece of chicken or shrimp over eating marshmallows.

Final Summary

So we made it pretty clear that there is no circumastance that makes sense to let your cats eat marshmallows.

Can Cats Eat Marshmallows?

Nope. Not only does it do nothing for your cats senses or health, It is far from nutritious as far as cat food goes. It could make your cat sick and as a long term practice, could lead to obesity and major health problems.

Now, if your cat did eat a marshmallow, you’re probably fine. It shouldn’t be something to freak out about. Ensure they are not choking. And then come up with a better storage plan for your marshmallows.

Athena P.

I'm Athena. I have been a Veterinary Assistant for 8 years. I work with Veterinary professionals for years getting the best advice for pet owners for their beloved cats.

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