Can Cats Eat Peanuts?


Can Cats Eat Peanuts?

This is a good question since dogs are known to love peanut butter. But peanuts will surely not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering the kinds of food you can feed your cat. Pets are curious and your cat will occasionally chew on stray peanuts that fall on the ground.

So, what happens when your cat eats peanuts? Although peanuts are not harmful to cats, there are essential facts you must consider before feeding peanuts to your cat.

Peanuts are very rich in proteins, vitamin E, and biotin. Also, they contain a small number of carbohydrates. This is where the problem comes in. Although cats are meat owners and meat is high in protein, protein is not suitable for cats.

The protein needed by your cat should come from meat because meat has a different balance of amino acids. Taurine is the most suitable amino acid present in meats. Although your cat’s connective tissues, fur, and skin may benefit from Vitamin E and biotin, peanuts are not the best source of these nutrients.

So peanuts, while they are not toxic to cats, are not an ideal food or even a good food for cats to eat. Besides, your cat will likely never be curious to explore the taste of peanuts if you do not physically give them the peanut.

What kinds of peanuts can my cat eat?

If you really want to feed peanuts to your cat, ensure that the peanuts are raw. Other options may contain a lot of salt or additives, which are not advisable for your cat.

Do not feed your cat peanuts on a frequent basis. Use peanuts as a treat because long term consumption increases the risk of liver damage and obesity.

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Can dogs eat peanuts?

Yes. Dogs can eat peanuts but make sure they are raw, and unsalted. Peanuts are high in fat as well so you shouldn’t feed a ton of them to your dog. Watch them closely as they can be a joking hazzard as well.

Can cats eat peanuts if they are boiled or raw?

As above, as long as your cat is not allergic to peanuts, there isn’t too much risk in letting your cats eat peanuts, but they are far better suited to eating meat or cat food. Boiled and raw peanuts are essentially the same as regular peanuts for your cat and should mostly be avoided.

Can cats eat peanut butter?

Feeding your cat peanut butter as an occasional treat is probably not going to be harmful to your feline friend. But we don’t recommend it. We advise you read our full article about it here: cats and peanut butterOpens in a new tab..


A peanut now and then should be safe for cats if they are not a frequent treat. Cats are obligate carnivores so they prefer to eat meat. You don’t need to give your cat peanuts as they are not part of a natural feline diet. It’s improbably your cats like peanuts to begin with, but eating them and other human foods is never better than cat food.

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