Can Cats Eat Bananas?


Monkeys adore them, people ask for them with cornflakes, and some dogs might even drool if you offer them a bite of a banana. However, cats are more discerning and have picky palates, aren’t famous for going nutty over bananas. However, do cats even require this popular fruit?

Bananas are a significant potassium source, a mineral that strengthens kidney and functions. However, bananas have many carbs, and felines don’t need carbs in their diets, and if they eat them, it might cause a lot of issues.

Cats are carnivores, so they might not be capable of using fats, or the limited amounts of protein bananas have since they don’t have the proper enzymes for digesting and using lots of plant food resources.

Cats are what are called “obligate carnivores.” This means they are particular types of meat-eaters who have come to depend on eating only meat. Additional animals besides felines who are obligate carnivores include raptors, dolphins, minks, and alligators. These all have been able to adapt physically to eating diets containing just animal protein. However, dogs aren’t obligate carnivores—so dogs can perform on a regimen, including vegetarian food, yet there is no way for a cat to do that.

As for any conceivable cat nutritional advantages from a banana, like potassium, they can get that from more appropriate foods. If you feed your cat a diet of raw meat balanced, they won’t need you to add things like veggies, grains, or fruit.

Ok, but what do you do if your cat begs for bananas?

If your cat loves bananas, it won’t hurt them to eat a little bit once in a while. But don’t forget they are unsuitable food for cats. Your cat will be a lot better off eating some healthy snack that revolves around meat.

We should think about what cats need to eat from their position, not that of a human. Feeding cats excessive amounts of carbs is dangerous and contributes to many the illnesses cats endure in large quantities, like diabetes or irritable bowel disease.

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Can Cats Eat Bananas? FAQs

Are bananas good for cats to eat?

Bananas have many minerals and vitamins yet, they aren’t precisely healthy for your cat’s system. Even If a tiny quantity doesn’t harm them, too many may trigger GI problems like constipation.

As for potential advantages from eating bananas, your cat’s dietary requirements should be supplied with cat food since it’s more appropriate. Cats who consume a thoroughly balanced diet do not require adding any fruit, veggie, or grain product.

Is the best method of offering a cat a banana by providing it without the peel?

The safest way to give a cat some banana is by giving them pre-sized amounts. Abstain from feeding your cat the banana peel. They could make them choke as well as provide them with a stomach problem if they eat it.

How to Feed a Cat a Banana

  • Get Rid of the Peel: Get rid of the banana peel; generally, it is not suitable for your cat’s digestive system to eat it.
  • Cut Bananas into Small Bite-Size Bits: Cut a small portion, then cut it into suitable bite-size bits.
  • Watch your Cat’s Response: Offer a tiny slice to your cat, then watch for any possible allergic reaction. Mainly, symptoms appear second after they eat one. If you see an allergic reaction, talk to your veterinarian.

Can cats eat banana chips?

Banana chips are almost always loaded with sugar. Too much sugar can lead to obesity and diabetes in cats. There are more healthy cat treats out there. You can give a small piece of banana or a banana chip now and then, but fruits and vegetables are are not usually desired by your cat anyways.

It’s possible the chips could be a choking hazard for pets so that is another reason to not use them for cat food.


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Can cats taste sweet foods and are the carbs and sugar a problem for your feline?

You might be suprised to know, but the sweet dessert foods like candy and cake that we as humans love; cats don’t love. They don’t even have the receptors or ability to enjoy them.

So your cat would probably far prefer a can of wet cat food over a slice of pie or a piece of candy. It’s a good thing too because sweet human treats can be harmful to the health of your kitty and mess up its blood sugar levels and even lead to diabetes and obesity.

Cats don’t have the proper digestive enzymes, so their diet should not go over zero to two percent of carbs or sugars. Overall, cats don’t need either of them in their diet. Consequently, feeding some bananas to your cat may trigger issues in the long term. It is not really about can eat a banana; it is more than their system can process this food.

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Summary : Is it Safe for A Cat to Eat Bananas?

Can cats eat bananas? Yes but not in large amounts. While not specically thought to be toxic to cats, cats can eat bananas now and then if they want to. Because bananas have a high sugar content, they are not the ideal food for your cat to eat. Your cat wouldprobably far prefer a piece of meat or a small piece of fish.

If you decide to give your cat a banana, watch him to see if he has any allergic response. If so, call your vet.

At the end of the day, your feline prefers meat and doesn’t have sugar receptors anyways to appreciate the sweetness of the bananas. So while bananas are not toxic to cats, they aren’t beneficial either.

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